Thinking of applying for Britain’s Hardest Grafter? Read this first.

Insightful, incisive, impassioned – and just plain right.

Ask yourself – why are there so many “poverty shows” on TV ? Because they make us feel safe or smug or good – pity or revile the poor, it’s your choice. Be titillated by our primitive fear of the mob. Then turn off and forget about it. The politicians have – did you notice how ‘ending child poverty’ slid off the agenda in this election? Clearly a policy no longer on trend.
If you care at all about people living below the poverty line don’t watch this sort of nonsense.

Cooking on a Bootstrap

TwentyTwenty productions are looking for applicants for a new television show that has been described as ‘Benefits Street meets The Hunger Games’. Are you thinking of applying for the chance to win that staggering £15,000 sum? Here’s what you should know first – and I am probably doing myself out of ever getting another job in television by writing this article but you know what? Fuck it. Because I wish someone had told me.

1. Only one of you will win that £15,000. It’s also classed as ‘earnings’, so you will have to pay tax on it, and National Insurance contributions.

2. The rest of you will be ‘recompensed’ ‘not less than the National Minimum Wage’ for your time on the show. Bear in mind that the people you will be surrounded by, the presenters and camera crew and the ubiquitous ‘celeb’ they’ll roll out here and there, will be…

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