My experience: Living Below the Line

The UK Hunger Project challenge is on until June 27th:
could we live on just £1 a day for both food and drink, for 5 days?
Here is someone who tries to do just that.
I would like to see George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith try this before imposing their new welfare “reforms”.


You may or may not have seen over social media the Living Below the Line challenge. But what does Living Below the Line actually mean? Well, it refers to the poverty line. Living on a mere £1 per day for food and drink is classed as extreme poverty here in the UK. The challenge that was set was to live below the poverty line for five consecutive days in a bid to raise awareness of extreme hunger and poverty both here in the UK and globally.

Did you know that 1.2 billion people on planet earth today live below the poverty line? This is nearly 20% of the world population. In a day and age where we have excessive access to technology, processed foods and the internet, doesn’t it seem astonishing that this many people can still be living in extreme hunger today? Well, it was time to do something…

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